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Address : 51, Yeonhui-ro 32-gil (Yeonhui-dong), Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Telephone : +82-2-330-8899
Notice icon Notice
  • Parking spaces are limited, so please use public transportation where possible.
  • Particularly during weekends and holidays, can be difficult after 12:30 pm.
    (After that time, cars are directed to a nearby parking lot)
  • Large buses are not permitted to be parked during weekends and holidays.
Rates icon Rates
Type of car Base fee (2 hours) Every 10 minutes after two hours
Large (More than 20 ppl) 5,000 KRW 1,000 KRW
Small (Less than 20 ppl) 3,000 KRW 500 KRW
Compact (Less than 1,000cc) 50% discount of total rate
Low emission vehicle (marked vehicle) 50% discount of total rate
  • Parking rate discounts and waivers
    1. The following vehicles are eligible for parking rate discounts or waivers.
    A. Government and media vehicles
    B. Vehicles with confirmation from the visiting department
    C. Vehicles of disabled persons under Grades 1 to 6 of the 「Disabled Welfare Act」 with theirown disability registration card
    (Vehicles must be marked disabled vehicles)
    D. Vehicles owned by men of honorable merit or their family under the 「Act on the Honorable Treatment and Support of Persons, etc. of Distinguished Services to the State」, and who own the men of honorable meritcertificate or a family of deceased men of honorable merit certificate issued by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
    E. Vehicles owned by independence patriots or their family under the 「Act on the Honorable Treatment of Persons of Distringuished Service」, and who own an independence patriot certificate or a family of deceased independence patriot certificate issued by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
    2. Compact vehicles according to Article 3 of 「Motor Vehicle Management Act」 and Article 2 of 「Enforcement Decree of the same Act」 and low emission vehicles according to Article 2 of 「Special Act on the Improvement of Air Quality in Seoul Metropolitan Area」 and Article 3 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act are eligible for 50/100 discount of the parking fee.
  • Please pay parking fees at the exit.
  • When the parking lot is full, please follow the parking attendant’s directions to the temporary parking lot nearby (Yeonbuk Middle School schoolyard) and following the terms of the fees, please pay 3,000 KRW to the parking attendant. (No additional rate, applicable from April 1st, 2015).
  • During weekends and busy holidays, there will be limited parking for group tour buses, we ask for your cooperation and to follow the directions of the parking attendants.
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