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Building Overview icon Building Overview
51, Yeonhui-ro 32-gil (Yeonhui-dong), Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Building area
Total floor area
1 floor underground, 3 floors above ground
47 spaces (2 largespaces, 45 small spaces)
Exhibition Facility icon Exhibition Facility
Exhibition Facility
Facilities Area Contents
Central Hall 398.16㎡ Information Desk, Large Dinosaur Exhibition
Human and Nature Hall 489.03㎡ Our Hangang River and four exhibitions
Life Evolution Hall 1068.6㎡ Origins of Life and seven other exhibitions
Earth Environment Hall 528.62㎡ Birth of the Earth and six exhibitions
Special Exhibition Hall 182.67㎡ Themed and special exhibitions
Subsidiary Facilities icon Subsidiary Facilities
Subsidiary Facilities
Facilities Area Contents
Audiovisual room 122.78㎡ 60 seats, watch audio visual materials
Virtual experience room 44.84㎡ 10 seats, virtual experience
Natural history library double floors, 79.29㎡ 20 seats, read natural science books
Education·Research Facility icon Education·Research Facility
Education·Research Facility
Facilities Area Contents
Education Room 4rooms, 262.45㎡ Operate educational programs
Collection Depository 2rooms, 476.19㎡ Store specimens
Specimen treatment room 64.6㎡ specimen treatment
Amenities icon Amenities
Area Contents
307㎡ Café, museum gift shop, Snack bar, NAMU Hall
Other Subsidiary Facilities icon Other Subsidiary Facilities
Other Subsidiary Facilities
Area Contents
2,925㎡ Office, document room, machine room, common area
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