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  • Existing in the Early Cretaceous period (between 115 and 105 million years ago), Acrocanthosaurus is a genus of the family Allosauridae, approaching 9 to 12 meters in length and weighing 2 to 4 tons. As a bloodthirsty carnivorous dinosaur, Acrocanthosaurus is fierce enough to predate large Sauropod dinosaurs and even eat rotten meat. Its skull alone was 1.4 meters in length and its strong jaw is known to have helped the dinosaur bite off meat easily.
  • It is mainly characterized by the long sawtooth-like neural spines running from the neck to the tail. The spines most likely supported a ridge of muscle over its neck and tail and controlled its body temperature.
  • Acrocanthosaurus was presumably able to grab its prey with the robust forefeet, bearing three sharp-clawed digits each. But given the long but weak hindlimbs, Acrocanthosaurus might not have been a fast runner.
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  • Acrocanthosaurus
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