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Given that the history of the Earth is
4.6 billion years, our human history of
200,000 years ago is very short.

we have studied the history of nature,
natural history, with boundless curiosity.
Lee, Nam Sook
This discovery of the past helps predict the future. It provides us with clues to improve our understanding of the natural world and solve the important problems of our time, from environmental conservation to public health, climate change, food security and drug development.

To this end, a museum of Natural History collects and preserves samples that reflect natural historical moments. Even at this moment, mankind continues to collect and research new and important information about all aspects of the Earth, including astronomy, geology, paleontology, zoology, botany, anthropology, and exhibit and use this information to educate people of all ages.

Around the world, there are numerous national, public and private natural history museums. However, the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History is the first Korean public museum established by the Seodaemun District, in 2003. For the past 17 years our museum has continuously collected samples with more than 46,000 specimens. Through various exhibitions and educational programs, we have shared our knowledge of natural history with 350,000 visitors each year, and enhanced people’s understanding of the world of science, nature, and culture. As a result, our museum has become a representative natural history museum in Seoul and its metropolitan area.

Now we face the challenge to take a leap forward. We wish to connect with other related organizations abroad to gain recognition for our museum internationally while also collecting samples worldwide. In terms of education, we intend to increase interactions with public by developing natural history and science programs that allow interactive participation by visitors. In addition, we will be developing non-contact educational programs in a virtual museum, and seek ways to bring 4th revolution technology into the exhibition.

Lastly, in order for our museum to develop further, it not only requires the great efforts of our staff, it also requires your active participation. For nature sustainability and for the future of human beings, please continue to pay much attention to natural history.
Director of Seodaemun Museum of Natural History
Lee, Nam Sook
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